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IFZA is a leading Free Zone Community that provides a favorable business environment with world-class infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, and business friendly regulations, making it an ideal destination for foreign investors looking to set up and grow their businesses in the UAE.

benefits of freezone business registration in dubai


While mainland companies may only have a maximum foreign ownership of 49%, Free Zones offer complete foreign ownership from the start.


Mainland companies must have a physical office of at least 200 sq ft, while virtual workplaces are allowed for some Free Zone companies.


The establishment of a mainland company requires clearance from various government agencies, while each Free Zone has its own laws and regulations for its registered businesses

IFZA business setup services

We provide premium standards in business setup solutions for micro, small and medium-scale enterprises through our network of Professional Partners and Government Authorities. We have streamlined the complexities of incorporating a company in Dubai so entrepreneurs and businesses can quickly get to where they want to be, wherever their starting point may be.

business license options

IFZA offers license options and business activities to effectively serve a wide number of your requirements, whether you’re a small local venture or a large international business.

professional license

For businesses providing professional consultancy and multiple types of services, for example technical, lifestyle and similar types of services.

commercial license

Authorizes the import, export, distribution & storage of specified items.


Foreign incorporated companies may also register a branch at IFZA.

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