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Launch your new business in Dubai with us, while on your full-time job!

A large number of people have launched side hustles associated with freelancing, consulting, and other online-based businesses in Dubai while retaining their regular employment. Setting up a business in Dubai will allow you to generate a significant amount of extra income, establish more and better relationships and career opportunities. There are various sectors in the Dubai economy that provide opportunities that remain unexploited. These sectors include E-commerce, imports and export, Healthcare, real estate, and E-education among others. However, while most people will tell you they have hopes and dreams of becoming entrepreneurs abroad or in a foreign land, the flip side of this picture isn’t as thrilling. To place it bluntly, the overwhelming majority of these businesses are doomed to fail.

This is where we, as Slide corporate, come in.

If you’re planning do business setup in Dubai, UAE, we will assist you get more traction, while you retain your day job and only source of dependable income back home. A side hustle will obviously require a herculean amount of time, focus, and effort to succeed. However, most people do not have this at their disposal. As Slide Corporate Services we are willing to make things more convenient for you.

  1. We will get the business up for you i.e. We will take care of the general trading license and all the paperwork that is required to get the business operational in the UAE
  2. We will scale the business, market it and get you a good stream of incoming clients
  3. When the business is mature, we will hand over the business to you whenever you are ready to takeover.

Business setup Simplified!

We will Do Business Setup in Dubai for you.

A good, viable business idea should be launched, monetized and iterated. obsessing over creating the right solution for your customers and drafting a viable business plan will trap you in a perennial dream state, especially if you are trying to focus on your full-time job. To assist you beat the inertia, we will draw up an easy action plan that lays out key milestones and deadlines that’ll guide your company from start to finish. We will execute all the actions needed to maneuver from one milestone to next. We will draw a plan for you for business setup in Dubai, and see it through.

We will Validate Your business With a few Paying Customers

Your business idea could seem incredibly awesome and disruptive to you, but that’s not necessarily how your potential customers will see it. More likely than not, they’ll ignore it just like the overwhelming majority of “brilliant ideas” that are productized and unleashed given the sheer amount of daily distractions and advertisements we’re exposed to.

The real reason you would like to validate your business idea with a paying customer before getting too far into the business is to make sure you are not creating an answer to a problem that does not really exist. The “lack of market need” has been cited in an in depth CB Insights study as the top reason for startup failures. So be warned, there’s an honest chance you’re nurturing a thought that not enough people will find value in. And if nobody wants your product or service, the resources (time, energy, effort) you invest in building it’ll just go down the drain.

To prevent this from happening, we will make sure to validate whether your product or service will gain traction within the real world. We will conduct a viable market research for you and gain objective feedback from potential customers. This allows us to quickly abandon ideas that are not getting a positive response and consider more feasible opportunities for you and your investment.

Differentiate Yourself From Competitors (Marketing and Branding)

Unless you’ve built a completely new product or service that’s a category in and of itself, likelihood is that you’ll be positioning your business against other established players catering to an equivalent audience . Competition is an inevitable part of doing business.

To prevent this from happening, we will clearly define your value propositions to the market with an aggressive marketing campaign. We will clearly establish to the market your competitive edge over other industry players (competitors). This competitive edge will range from smart (or low) pricing, aggressive sales tactics, higher profit margins, unmatched customer service, best-in-class features, strategic relationships, property and other specific factors that clearly differentiate your brand from the competition. We will establish all this for you.

Invite Real Customer Feedback

Without feedback from your earliest customers, you’ll expose your business to the intense risk of failure. You’ll be getting to build a product that does not do the simplest possible job of solving your customer’s problems. Without objective, external feedback, you’ll likely execute the plan, invest considerable time, money and energy within the process, only to lose all those valuable resources in the end. We will continue to gather feedback from your clients and make the necessary improvements to your business so it can continue to grow.

We will save you from Getting Fired from Your full-time job

Obviously, you shouldn’t work on your side hustle during company time, nor do you have to use company resources to advance your own pursuits. Not only is it unethical, but it’s likely a violation of the labor agreements you signed once you started your job. Make it a point to honor every term in your contracts and to consistently deliver excellent performance at your day job even while having your side hustle pick up momentum. Compromising your quality of work and reputation within the office will prevent you from re-engaging and even potentially partnering together with your old employers once you go full-time as a business owner yourself. More importantly, non-compliance to contract terms can cause disciplinary action. So let us take care of all the dirty work for you!

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