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Why you should consider establishing an E-Education Consultancy company in the UAE

As an expert in a particular field, you can use your knowledge to create courses online and make profitable sales. Within the next four years, the global online education market is expected to reach $ 375 billion. The 2020 pandemic helped move education from the classroom to online platforms. This trend continued until 2021 and helped people change the way they see online learning and education.

The more competitive the labor market, the greater the demand for specialized knowledge. This is a business that can be started with just one course in one discipline. With time and some success, you may open yourself up to new areas and topics.

Who is this license for?

The E-Education Consultancy business activity  Includes people who want to get general trading license for firms specialized in providing virtual consultancy, working out educational studies for educational institutions such as schools, institutes, universities and the supervisory bodies such as ministries, associations. However, the general trading license is not only limited to this. Whatever your E-Education services are, we know how to get you sorted.

Where we come in…

Before you can get started with your E-Education journey, you must have the appropriate licence to conduct E-Education activities. Governments offer various programmes to support and promote eCommerce business setup in Dubai. As SLiDE, we will assist you with acquiring the relevant general trading license and listing the appropriate business activities under your license. We provide our clients with pre and post set up support as well as fast and seamless registration and licensing.

Business incentives include

  • 100% cent foreign company ownership
  •  No corporate tax or income tax
  • 100% cent repatriation of capital and profits.

There’s no better time than now to reap the benefits of starting your own E-Education venture. If you need assistance in setting up your business in Dubai, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to guide you throughout your e-education journey.

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